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POP-Avdel Tools

POP-Avdel Tools

POP-Avdel's highly flexible, cost-effective, ergonomic installation tools are designed to reduce installation costs, increase productivity, and provide consistent placement of a wide variety of fastening solutions.

POP-Avdel can offer a range of high performance, lightweight hydro-pneumatic or battery powered hand tools for breakstem rivets, lockbolts, speed fasteners and threaded inserts. The fasteners and tools combine to provide a fastening system suitable for numerous assembly applications in manufacturing, maintenance and repair work.

At Appian Fasteners, we stock the most popular tools listed below. We can offer friendly, knowledgeable advice on selecting the most appropriate tool for your application.

Tools for Breaksteam Fasteners

ProSet® XT Blind Rivet Tools

The new POP Avdel ProSet® XT tool line has many innovative high performance features including a patented "Quick Disconnect" nose housing and jaw case for rapid cleaning and maintenance of the front end without the need for any tools. The quick disconnect Mandrel Collection System (MCS) safely collects spent mandrels for quick, easy disposal and cleaner work areas. An air-isolation switch on the MCS prevents airflow when the MCS is disconnected. A left or right 90° swivel air fitting ensures the tools can be adapted to virtually any workstation configuration, while the "on/off" switch minimises air consumption and noise.


  • High force-to-weight ratio
  • Quick disconnect nose housing and jaw case for easy maintenance and service
  • Clear quick release mandrel collector bottle reduces downtime
  • Integral exhaust valves for fast setting cycles


  • Class-leading lightweight construction with balanced handling
  • Comfortable, low activation force trigger
  • Adjustable vacuum exhaust direction

Economy & Safety

  • Air isolation switch during MCS removal
  • On/Off, left or right swivel air fitting provides flexibility and conserves energy
  • Adjustable vacuum exhaust direction
POP Avdel ProSet XT2 Tool

ProSet® XT1

for ø2.0 -4.0mm
including micro rivets

POP Avdel ProSet XT2 Tool

ProSet® XT2

for ø3.0 -4.8mm
including 4.8mm Monobolts®

POP Avdel ProSet XT3 Tool

ProSet® XT3

for ø3.0 -6.4mm
Monobolt® up to ø6.4mm

POP Avdel ProSet XT4 Tool

ProSet® XT4

for ø6.4mm Hemlock®,
Avibulb® XT, Avinox® XT

ProSet® Battery Blind Rivet Tools

POP PB2500 Tool

POP® PB2500 Battery Tool

for up to ø4.8mm

POP PB3400 Tool

POP® PB3400 Structural Battery Tool

for ø4.8 - 6.4mm

PB2500 Smart Tool

POP® PB2500 Smart Battery Tool

for ø2.4 - 4.8mm

Tools for Blind Threaded Inserts

Avdel 74200 Spin Pull Tool

74200 Spin-Pull Tool

stroke regulated
for M3 - M12

Avdel 74202 ProSert XTN20

74202 ProSert XTN20

pressure regulated
for M3 - M10

Stanley NB08PT-18 Tool

NB08PT-18 Battery Tool

smart tool for
for M3 - M10

Tools for Speed Fastening Systems

Avdel 7537 Speed Fastener Tool

7537 Model

for ø2.4 - 6.4mm

Stanley SB25PT-05 Speed Fastener Tool

SB25PT-05 Battery Tool

for ø2.4 - 6.4mm

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